sPARKA by Tingting

Cozy and modern swim parka for your breezy swims

Get the warmest hug when you hop out of the pool.

Warm, light, comfortable.

Swimmers love our swim parka because it's seriously toasty and good looking!


Serious about testing limits.

Help your muscles stay warm so that you can train and swim better.

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A sPARKA is a must-have for all swimmers.

Here are the reasons.

Triathlete Bronwyn Davies models white swim parka at Kits Beach Vancouver

A warm hug for every swim.

You wish for something that you could wrap yourself in, zip up, cover your wet hair with a hood, and wear confidently outside the pool.

Swimmer (5'5" tall) wears a black swim parka in medium size over white blouse and blue jeans skirt

Thigh-length fleece-lined swim parka.

The solution is a swim parka with a full length zipper and a snug hood to keep you warm and comfy.

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  • VPSC swim coach Kyle Cheng tests out Tingting's swim parka

    Warm and lining feels really nice!

    Kyle Cheng, Swim Coach

    "I like it! Standard parkas don't come in the white color, so this one really stands out! It's very warm and the lining feels really nice. I'm around 5'7 and the hem of this swim parka hits mid-thigh for me. I coach age-group swimmers and they typically use a longer parka. The fit is slimmer. If I layer it with a sweater, I'd simply size up to XL (tested it in L). It's an awesome swim parka. Exciting to have more options. Can't wait to see it in more colors!"

  • Athlete/swim coach Josie Field tests out Tingting's swim parka

    Well made!

    Josie Field, Athlete and Coach

    "I am a product tester for Tingting Athletics. It’s so warm and well made! I usually find the sleeves too short, but the sleeve length of this swim parka is just right!"

  • Collegiate Swimmer (UBC Thunderbirds) Anna Dumont tests out Tingting's swim parka

    Athlete-approved swim parka!

    Anna Dumont, UBC Women's Swimming

    "The second I put it on, I can tell that it’s a weighty high-quality swim parka. It resembles an oversized coat that you could wear outside the pool, so that’s an added bonus. It's thigh-length so it doesn't cover my race suit entirely when I sit. Overall, it’s a great swim parka. It's athlete-approved!"

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Tingting's swim parka different from the traditional one?

Tingting's swim parka, aka sPARKA, differs from the traditional swim parka in these ways:

  • slimmer fit
  • thigh-length
  • snug hood
  • cuff and hem ribbing
  • recycled lining
  • minimalistic
  • everyday coat
  • tested for chemicals

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What is a swim parka?

A swim parka is a hooded long coat that typically has a water-resistant shell and a warm fleece lining. It is warm and comfortable. Some parkas are so big that you could change under it.

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When do you wear a swim parka?

It is meant to be worn when you're out of water. You can wear a swim parka for

  • pool swimming,
  • open water swimming,
  • other water sports,
  • and non-water sports, such as soccer, gym, tennis (think of it as a sports parka).

We incorporate thoughtful design elements in Tingting's swim parka, aka sPARKA. Not only does it work well at the pool, it could be styled up to look great outside the pool.

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Why is it called sPARKA?

"Swim parka" lacks vigor, so we smashed them together.

Elevate your swim

We are on a quest to ignite your love for swimming✨ one sPARKA at a time!

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