Born out of a desire to stay in love with swimming

We try our best, but things like the weather, smelly changerooms, chlorine-drenched clothes and the cold clammy feeling can hold us back. Our sPARKA gives the warmest hug when you need it! Wear it over your swimsuit before and after swimming. Its velvety-soft lining is luscious, absorbent and quick-drying. The outer shell is wind and water-resistant. It’s the cushiest way to warm up.

Wherever you are, we’re connected through our love for water - being near it, swimming
in it, making memories with the people we love, or flying solo. Don't just fall
in love. Stay in love! sPARKA is a must-have for swimmers.

The warmest hug for swimmers on any day.

Willpower doesn't always get us to the pool. Tackle your day in this blissfully warm thigh-length sPARKA.


Wear it to brunch or the movies.


What Athlete-Testers Say about our sPARKA:

 Anna D.

UBC Women’s Swimming

It's Athlete-approved!

tingting’s sPARKA kept me warm! The second I put it on, I can tell that it’s a weighty high-quality coat. It resembles an oversized coat that you could wear outside the pool, so that’s an added bonus. When I’m sitting down, my legs and race suit are partially covered by the sPARKA, so it makes me a bit nervous about snagging my suit on the tile-covered seats. I’m used to wearing a longer one. Overall, it’s a great swim parka. It’s athlete-approved!

Josie F.

UBC Women’s Swimming

It's so warm and well made!

I am a product tester for tingting’s swim parka. It’s so warm and well made! I find the sleeves too short on most garments, but the sleeve length of this parka is just right!

Kyle C.

Swim Coach at VPSC and UBC Masters


Awesome swim parka. It's exciting to have more options for competitive and non-competitive swimmers.

I am a product tester for tingting's sPARKA. I like it! It's very warm and the lining feels really nice. I'm around 5'7 and the hem of the sPARKA hits mid-thigh for me. My age-group swimmers typically use a mid-calf or longer parka. The fit is slimmer, and the sleeve cuffs are snug. If I layer it on a winter sweater, I'd probably size up to XL (I was testing it in L). Standard parkas don't come in the white color, so this sPARKA stands out! All in all, it's an awesome swim parka. It's exciting to have more options for competitive and non-competitive swimmers. I look forward to the new colors!



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