Lap Swimming Etiquette

Lap Swimming Etiquette

Lap swimming at a public pool is enjoyable when Swimmers understand the etiquette and treat each other with respect.

We've prepared a guide on how to share the lane with other swimmers peacefully. 

Here are 10 key points in Lap Swimming Etiquette:

  • Pick a lane where swimmers swim at a similar pace as you. Lanes are commonly marked as Slow, Medium, or Fast. 
  • If you’re using your own equipment, keep them within reach. Try to leave room for others to enter and exit the lane.
  • If you’re borrowing equipment, make sure to treat it with respect and return it when you’re done.
  • Give people space at the wall for turning or resting by moving over to one side.
  • Don’t push off when someone’s approaching the wall and ready to turn.
  • Follow the swim pattern of the lane. A common pattern is to swim in a circle.
  • Stay on one side of the lane rope to prevent collisions.
  • Use the middle for passing, if allowed at your pool. 
  • Give people space and avoid tailgating. Move up or down a lane if your pace is too fast or too slow.
  • Don’t contaminate the pool (eg. spitting, clearing your nose, littering, or using it as a bathroom).

You can look up your local pool's website for their specific rules and other information such as pool schedule and admission fees. For example, these are the Rules & Etiquette at my training pool.

You're ready to test the waters. This is so exciting, good luck + have fun!!

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