Join Tingting Community and Support Our Mission

Tingting is on a mission of enhancing the experience of swimming and helping people get stronger. There are days when our willpower gets tested by the cold weather, chlorine-drenched clothes, the cold clammy feeling, and even the smelly changerooms. Let’s eliminate these barriers because swimming makes everything better! Your goal is to be active, and we make it easy for you to do what you say you’ll do. Our soft and light #TingtingsPARKA keeps you warm and comfy without sacrificing style. Swim strong and say goodbye to the bulky damp layers and extra laundry. You would be delighted to swim on a gloomy breezy day. Staying in for a movie is never a better option!

Apply and join our community as a Tingting Ambassador. As a #TingtingAmbassador, you'll receive Tingting products for free, our exclusive offers, and the possibility to earn rewards for sharing your love for our brand with your community. You’ll be the first to see and try on our newest products!

Who Should Apply:

  • Swimmers
  • Swim coaches
  • Lifeguards
  • Athletes
  • Fitness enthusiasts
  • Tingting fans
  • Digital creators with a passion for sharing their love of swimming
  • Mommy / Daddy bloggers
  • Style bloggers

What You'll Do: Create how-to use videos to educate your audience about Tingting products and how they have helped you in training and wellness. Inspire your community to try our products and take part in our mission. Once you submit your application, we’ll review it and contact you shortly. Thanks for your interest in becoming a Tingting Ambassador, and remember, you are unstoppable!

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