Photo Contest

Photo Contest

Edit: We're extending the contest until June 30, 2023.
We're running a photo contest! We will pop up at meets around the Lower Mainland to showcase our swim parka. We'll have a photobooth set up for you to snap some fun pictures with your friends. The BEST photo wins 1X The Original sPARKA! Winner will be announced in July 2023.


  • To enter, do all of the following:
    1. Follow us on Instagram
    2. Make an IG post using your photo taken at our photobooth
    3. Tag us in your post
    4. Tell your friends!


Alternative: Email us your photo, your name, and a caption - We can post your photo on IG for voting, if you want.
  • To determine a Winner, we will consider:
    1. Your creativity and effort
    2. People's choice - # of likes & comments your post receives
  • There is no limit on how many photos you can submit.
  • By entering the contest, you'll receive updates on our official launch, new products and upcoming events.

Check out The Original sPARKA Product Page

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