The inspiration behind our name

The inspiration behind our name

Our brand name, tingting, means to listen.

It's a reminder for ourselves to be fully present and to pay attention to people and our surroundings.


Listen when people share their stories with us.

Listen with an open heart that is free of judgement.

Listen to understand and to empathize. 


Listen to our body when we feel discomfort.

It's telling us something. It wants to take a break, unplug, refuel, and sleep.


Listen to our heart when we feel lost and scared.

What's important to us? What do we really want to do in this life? 

Find the courage to move forward.


Listen to our surroundings.

Listen to the water when we swim.

Are we thrashing like a salmon? Or gliding like a silent alligator?


We believe that when we pay attention, we can improve our thoughts, our words, and our actions. 

This is why we named our brand tingting. 


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