Water never complains, but always pushes back.

Water never complains, but always pushes back.

"Drop a boulder in front of a stream and the water will simply flow around it, taking whatever opening the landscape will give or—when nothing is offered—patiently building up its resources until it rises to a height where a new gap is found.

Flow like water. Never complain, but always push back." - James Clear

You have a vision, a dream. You want to live your dream life. Whatever it is, it seems far-fetched and impossible. It seems irresponsible to be a dream chaser.

But look! You've bravely taken a leap of faith.

Are you soaring? No. Not yet. You're tumbling. You're running into walls. You're flapping your wings but nothing's working. 

You're trying, I know.

Setbacks are a natural part of life. Pursue your dreams and you're bound to hit a wall (actually, a series of them). No one said it's easy.

You can't control what comes in your way, but you can choose how to respond.

Be flexible. Adapt to your environment.

Redesign your approach. Work hard. Have fun. Be patient. Stay gritty. 

If you promise yourself to do all those, consistently, I promise you, your dream will come true.

You will soar. It's just a matter of time.

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